Hello. I’m Kev.

I am a graduate of Creative Technologies. I utilise various new-media applications and technologies to solve problems creatively. I have founded many websites and projects over my active years and now I am proud to present IHTCI Digital, a full-service Digital Agency offering the Website Design, Ecommerce Integration, Hosting, Optimisation and Support services I have developed over the past ten years.

Across the first ten years of my professional life I have had many an interest and each of them have allowed me to develop professionally and learn new skills in areas such as Website Design, Plugin and Theme Development, Videography and Post Production, Music Creation and much more. At kilotangohotel.co.uk, one of the many active sites within my portfolio, you will find an ever growing collection of my current, past and planned projects. You can learn more about each of them over there.

Want to know more? Ask me?