Another Three Months

Well its May. How did that happen?

We have lost another three months it seems. It seems to be a regular period of time that my own website projects get left behind for till I get some time to visit and update them all again. It’s not that we have been guilty from doing any kind of Development work, actually that is far from the truth.

We have two updates to report from the past few months. Firstly we have just (today) handed over a website we have been working on for a Client, I won’t say too much about it now till the Client chooses to launch their own site but it was a substantial project including optimisation and eCommerce elements. – It was good to get back to my roots with eCommerce. We have enjoyed building this site and I think we can safely say we are proud of the way the site turned out.

Secondly and partly due to the above development, we have changed hosting companies. For the past six years I have hosted by a fantastic host called This host has helped me to grow and be able to grow not only the number of hosted sites but to grow as a developer too. Now we have moved everything over to SiteGround on their GrowBig package which seems to be working out well for us. Our sites have a little more headroom that they can count on for heavier load tasks. (None of our sites currently use this extra headroom but it is nice to have the space and support to continue to grow.

We have also registered a new domain name, which is where we have moved our Development Network & Forums to. The new domain will in time become the frontend of our Digital Design Agency venture and be a place where clients new and old can go for support with their website projects. The domain will remain what it is now, a blog where we can post updates and news from our own professional development activities.

See you in another three months I guess!