Ending 2017

So as the year draws to an end literally I thought let’s look back at 2017 and see how often I posted. The answer is not often. I counted 5-7 posts here (depending upon how hard you search). But that doesn’t indicate the lack of activity there has been this year. While I hasn’t been a stunning year for website developments there have been some achievements and continued success. Here’s a quick round up of Site & Project Status as we move into the new year:

IHTCI Digital Agency – Finally able to be spun out from ihadthiscrazyidea.co.uk and this is now its own seperate entity. IHTCI DA has several clients for whom we provide support for on a regular basis. Over the later part of the year IHTCI DA faced some challenges and changes were made to ensure these issues wouldn’t happen again. So far so good. The day to day running of IHTCI DA is at this moment being managed outside of my head, which is good. This is for several reasons and my health being just one of them. I hope that some time in 2018 I can come back in and see what is going on first hand. I’ve big plans for IHTCI DA come the future.

ihadthiscrazyidea.co.uk – This very site returns to its original intention of being a place for me to post posts with a more professional outlook and content. A development blog for my own non-client based interests and projects. I feel much more confident working on my own projects now they have their own seperate development space. Perhaps also a return for my love of technical discovery.. We will see.

KevHiggins.com finally has a front end rather than just a white page. The website doesn’t serve any purpose other than to provide me with a catch-all email address. However now if anyone does visit kevhiggins.com they will be treated to a short showreel of what has been done in the past. There’s more to be shown than has been shown of course, but you may not see it there.

guesswejustbeingagain.co.uk – This site is and always will be my personal blog. I’ve no desire to nor do I feel any requirement to explain what is stated on that site, it’s personal. (Then why share it? Basically because I choose to do so, that is all).

acheofthesoul.co.uk – Sometimes thoughts are too personal for my personal blog. Ache of the Soul is a literal translation of an untranslatable word. It’s a place where I go if I find myself in unspeakable pain through one thing or another, and yet deep inside this pain, there remains Hope.

kilotangohotel.co.uk – In 2017 I was finally able to turn kilotangohotel.co.uk into a hub showcasing the latest posts from all of the websites I use to publish content. I have wrestled with the idea of combining all of my sites into one for many years, but now I feel I can let them be free to grow independently, while tracking all published content via this aggregrate site. Links to ideas and projects on various development slates for the coming year are available across the site. The number of content feeds will increase as my content publication intensifies.¬†Kilotangohotel.co.uk is also the home to an updated ‘idealocker’ website. Orignally idealocker resided on the ihadthiscrazyidea.co.uk website but since we suffered data loss early on there was not much of this site remaining. Therefore late in 2017 the locker was given a visual update with many broken links removed and it’s database rebuilt as best as it could be. Expect to see idealocker projects in development in 2018.

stoney.media – This site had a quiet end to 2017. After the closure of stoneymedia.com, stoney.media was registered and the best content from the old website relocated to the new. The site includes the 10 year gaming video archive of Stoney Media. There are pleanty more video creations coming in the new year, and you can expect to see some of the older videos come around again too. However there may be a bit of focus shift as my gaming interests develop.

ontheline.team – The website has stood stagnent since its release but with many ideas for development in 2018 you can expect to see a redesign followed by a relaunch and an opening of the team roster as we attempt to contest RLCS and other tornaments with a view towards placement.

dbpxl.com – Over the Christmas period Stoney tried to attempt to bring back together ex and current members of the defunk drivenbypassion team for some Christmas fun in online racing games. This wasn’t as successful as hoped, and this in itself has thrown potential shade on what dbpxl.com was going to provide. The idea is not dead as yet, but development will now be delayed. Until then, enjoy a funky intro loop.

To add to my seven currently active website properties I have purchased domains and development rights to a further seven projects. These will live or die within the first six months of 2018. Watch this space to find out more. My domain buying skills (and addiction) are as alive as ever. Will I post more? Nobody knows! Merry New Year!