It’s still here..

The network is alive! After the data loss I noticed last time I visited the website I must admit I check this site more regularly than I did. I know nothing else will go wrong but there is the fear that there is something lost that I have forgotten about. One of my projects within my secret idealocker is corrupt I know, there’s no way to recover that unfortunately. But that is just one of many things that will probably never end up in production. Cirtainly not alone.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and in the same way that some of my projects have partners, I believe it would be a good experience to work with a writing partner to progress some of these ideas forward from concepts to scripts. I’ve been thinking this for a while but haven’t had any time or creative spirit to move things along. Life gets in the way. For now they are all still there awaiting progress which is lacking.

I’ve just tried this new Divi update as Chris was excited about it a few weeks ago. My findings are mostly positive and I’ve created a test page over at the Divi test site we have hosted within our network. Still I feel it’s limited as once you design a page with the Visual Builder you can’t go back and view the code, you lose all your changes if you do. Also I wish it was a theme builder rather than continuing this notion that building pages constitutes theme design. Unfortunately some things can’t be made that easy.

Finally for now I have updated my blog with a huge post, which I guess is what happens when you don’t post anything for four months. It’s live now over at or if you know me via Facebook you can see it there too.

Oh and Stoney Gaming will receive some much-needed attention within the coming week with new video’s being uploaded to receive minimal views I am sure!

I guess that’s it for this small update for now.