January 2017 Update

So as it turns out a resumed battle with an illness of a close family member, a new job perhaps not working out quite as wanted or expected, personal health issues, a massive loss of data and general daily hardship really kill creativity and are detrimental to any kind of progress being made at all. (And when you do stop for a minute you are rewarded with a cold).

It’s been a hard struggle since the 19th October 2016 and it’s by no means over. It doesn’t really end you just get news and updates and you react to them. Anyway this isn’t the place for that. Let’s talk about 2017 and what’s planned, in the pipeline and ready to go.

There is nothing ‘ready to go’ as it stands right now for the reasons mentioned above, but we do have new projects and websites to launch this year. From a personal point of view I have three new websites (blogs) coming online within the next couple of months. These are of a personal nature and so they won’t feature the same level of integrated posting as this website or my main personal blog. If you want to read you are more than welcome to, but there will be no censorship, there is no time to edit them and as Saul Bellow said “You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.”. If you are wanting to access these extra blogging sites you can keep an eye on www.khiggins.co.uk where all my published content is aggregated.

We have some client work that is upcoming and due for launch in the first half of 2017. What is exciting is that we have partnered with designer which should make our progress quicker and much.. better.. looking! More updates on both of these clients once we can show you progress.

There are some in-house developments too on which progress has been quiet but continuing in the background, as always.

In 2017 I am personally hoping to bring a Community Inclusion Project to life based around assets and interests within my local community. As yet this is in a planning stage but I expect to have a proposal to support this project going live within the next three months.

As always there is activity going on, most of it isn’t mine right now but there is a plan, a schedule to keep to (or try to) which in my eyes always has been the first step.