KiloTangoHotel Launch

Two posts in a day! – Unexpected.

I’ve decided to launch KiloTangoHotel this afternoon. I’ve been browsing my websites after getting a good few hours of online downtime, and I realised that a website of mine that was forever in a ‘in development’ state was never going to release if I waited till it was fully complete. This one is a little different and can live in a state of unfinishedness. is the home of my Creative Works Portfolio. It’s a ‘living archive’ if you will of the creative work of my past (and hopefully present & future). I wanted a place to put all of my University Assignments online, so that in the event of disaster I had a record of everything online, and someday the website will reflect that. At this time the Creative Archive and Web Design sections have browsable content. Check it out, you may see something in there you didn’t know I did before.

Why KiloTangoHotel? KTH are my initials for the phonetic way of saying them made sense to me, and it also fits in with the other creative-type domain properties I own.