It would be fair to say that mine have changed over the course of the past month. Some of which you can discover at once written. But the past month has seen me back in the workforce. We recently complete a website project for the guys running a course over at and have since completed extra work surrounding that. Project update wise, one of the projects discussed in our development forums over the past two years has now launched. There is still much work to do on this and we will continue on within a supportive role as required. We have also welcomed another Developer into the IHTCI Studio who’s project is just starting out, so that exciting time where plans and dreams are posted. We’ll keep you informed when there’s anything public for that project.

Elsewhere it’s been a slowed effort on internal IHTCI projects due to my time being committed elsewhere. Things will change in the future once schedules are settled or perhaps we’ll start to wind up some of these unloved projects. No decision has been made as yet, everything is on the table.