We get to launch something (woop)! has had a facelift. Well actually much more than that has happened on the back-end but what we have now is a much more stable, more compact and more focused website upon which we can build. Gone has the dark ‘archive’ feel of the older website, as the front-end becomes what was We’ve moved some sections around and made space for Game-Specific Content of which we’ll be posting a great deal.

The Daily Archive Video posting continues inside the Archive section of the site, away from the news where it’s content isn’t relevant. Needless to say it’s good to get some visual progress and make a release. The domain portfolio (in general) is shrinking with the reduction of three domains this month, two unused domains and now the unneeded .news domain.

Currently we’ve three active sites, three external project sites and the now defunct EziBiz Company website. News about these and many of our unreleased projects to follow soon.