WordPress to the Rescue

At the weekend I attempted to try to have a play with Drupal, another popular Content Management System, however for one reason or another it refused to install. That was the first thing. The second thing was being treated like complete crap by so-called professional companies who actually operate like children, and the third thing was having to work with manflu. So after a good old nap tonight I started to work on a clients site in WordPress, and first the first time BEFORE making any theme css changes I thought ‘hmmm perhaps I should consider using a Child Theme and doing it right’.

So a quick search for a Child Theme Creator plugin and I had a child theme. Now, first question (I would ask) is do I need to copy the css file from my original theme. The answer is no thanks to the Import Method. This tells WordPress to import the latest css file (through allowing the main theme to update) dynamically and then to override any particulars I specify in the child theme css automatically. – In short, it works!

Thank you WordPress.