WP Tab Widget

WP Tab Widget is a plugin (that installs a widget) to allow you to add a tabbed Recent / Popular / Comments / Tags widget to any widgetized areas of your WordPress website. This is incredibly useful for a few reasons. But for me, this has been most useful at a new site I am developing, StoneyGaming.News. I had an issue to which I needed a solution with this site, and this was that the default plugin was not allowing me to select the excerpt to be used instead of the body of the page or post in question. This meant I was getting URL’s and everything in the widget. This looked ugly and could be a security risk if misussed.

So the plugin in question was created by MyThemeShop and I can confirm it is working with WP 4.4.1 and WPMU. A very useful plugin with a good deal of configuration options. Recommended.